Sheneese Starr is a woman of many titles and purposes who works with people to help them discover their inner truth and sense of self.


Sheneese believes that everything in your world is an extension of your Self. Her focus is on helping others reprogram their entire viewpoints to utilize this philosophy of Self and in turn help identify and harness their personal truth. She believes that living your truth honestly, unapologetically, and confidently is the secret to living your most successful, and fulfilled life.


Sheneese is the Founder and CEO of


  • 'Celebrate Thy Brother'

  • 'The In Your Face Movement'

  • 'IWIN....The Business of Woman'

  • 'The Posture Up Academy'

  • 'The Aftermath'

  • 'The BlaQue Woman's Club'

  • 'The Deliberate Manifestation Program'

  • 'Figure Your Finances'


In addition to this, she is the Founder and Host of 

  • 'Bury. Burn. Build'

  • 'Let's Get & Be Better Together'

  • 'The Power Within Sex'


Sheneese is Co-Creator of #2000Lives, 'The Pain of a BlaQue Woman...Still I Stand' and is the Author of 'PERCEPTIONS'.


A woman of many talents, Sheneese holds titles such as Communicator, Connector, Writer, Deliberate Life Designer, Event Planner, Conference Producer, Interior Sanctuary Inner-G Designer, Faith/Energy Shifter and Personal Development Consultant - which forms S. Starr Enterprise and The Reprogramming Institute. .


In the words of Sheneese,


"My focus is merely to assist people with raising their levels of awareness on a 360 level by way of public & private events, products and services. I then engage with those who have a willingness and 'do' energy to progress forward with living a synchronized life within THEIR 360. Ultimately my goal is to assist people with TRULY defining THEIR truth as they develop and harness the courage to live that truth unapologetically...uninterrupted! I assist people with identifying, accepting, deprogramming and then reprogramming."